Before & After 2nd Surgery

Right Before and Right After Surgery

Latest on Dec 4th, 2020

I have worked with Michelle Gerencser to plan the surgery, and worked with the Neurosurgeon, and two doctors who will probably take live tumor samples once I’m out of surgery.  

From the day I arrive to Spain and prepared and made key tests, until surgery took place and the outcome the surgery and the minute I leave the hospital (including photos and surgery videos)

From the moment I leave surgery , during hospital and the three weeks followed that.  

Most importantly, the Pathology was out and I’m sharing here

I started getting a major combination of symptoms that I have never struggled ever.

I went to different emergency hospitals, then many doctors looking for the source.  

The MRI after 1-month of surgery took place and that required a meeting Dr. Oliver.   I also met with Dr. Flannery for the first time post surgery

I will be seeing Dr. Antonio Russi to discuss seizure control and then Dr. Biskup for the Pathology outcome (and I’ll update the page after I meet them).

Dr. Biskup gave me the proposed movement towards treatment.

I am also hoping to meet Michelle Gerencser during March too.


Starting on the new vaccine with Dr. Biskup and I am reporting how progress goes.  This is a 12-month (and probably 24-month) plan.