I am originally a person who runs his own IT company in two countries in the Middle East .

After I had surgery back in 2009, to conduct a brain resection in my temporal lobe caused by an Astrocytoma, my life has changed dramatically.

Was thinking that cancer was all I needed to take care of and learn more about, I discovered that this is absolutely not the full truth

Therefore, I decided to try a career of Functional Medicine back in 2015, only to discover that I have bigger brain learning challenges that will not allow me to study.

I decided that I needed to fix my brain first, then go for my new career.   So far, I haven’t nailed it.


Meanwhile, I attended an Annual International Conference named “The Dynamic Brain” at the Institute for Functional Medicine back in Las Angeles back in 2017.   That changed the way I see whole Healthcare Industry related to Brain Neuroplasticity and Regeneration, and made me meet many amazing doctors (that I became their patient and student)

Then, and as I fell in love with Dr. Datis Kharrazian during that event, I decided to be one of the first people who attended Kharrazian Institute as soon as it was out!

On the 2nd day of Neuroinflammation Clinical Strategies Training

I attended the following three courses

I look forward to healing my brain so I can switch into this amazing track to help others who are in need

Mohammed Banat