Why Did I Consider CBD?

I typically switch between multiple auras a week and a different set of complex focal seizures. I put summarized records of these here.

In July of 2019, I discovered that I can reduce/remove Trileptal as a way to answer my Big Question: Is Trileptal the cause of my mental challenges? Could CBD be a safer Trileptal replacement?

I met with Dr. Jeff Hergenrather to discuss better seizure control and hopefully improve my mental fatigue.

After I spoke to Dr. Allan Frankel, however, he proposed a very different protocol. He seemed to have more evidence, as he had treated 600 patients with CBD oil, with a good percentage treated showing a reasonable success rate for seizure control.

I decided afterward to just start! 

Started to Use CBD

July 2019

I began CBD treatment on July 10th, 2019. I met with a wide range of professionals in the area, learned about measuring CBD potency, the different brands available, and the dosages that I should start with. With the CBD business booming in recent years, I discovered that it is very easy to buy the wrong product!

Image result for sunmed 1000
I started using it and seen outcome same day and gradually improved

Here is the certificate of analysis for the specific product called 1000mg Tincture that I chose. The certification explains better the ratios contained by the product 

The product I chose allows me to use one bottle for a whole month, which in contrast in is great—most of the older, reputable vendors only provide enough to last for four days with a single bottle.


  • Strictly taken at 7 AM and again at 7 PM.
  • Dosage:
    • I started with 0.25 mg every 12 hours, and then I went up to 0.4 mg, and that worked for three months (between 6/2019 until 9/2019)
    • beginning of 10/2019, and after I met with Dr. Sandlin Lowe for a SPECT Scan, he recommended a dosage to move from 0.4 mg to 2 mg every 12 hours (almost 4 times more).
      • Reminder than this is a high dose given the type I bought is around 6 times stronger than what’s out there in the market.

Initial Skepticism

I was skeptical when I began and my reason for starting was driven by having one very bad day where I experienced full fatigue and auras. This was a deciding factor for me, so I decided to “kick it off” and start with my first dose. It was unbelievable. Within 30 minutes of taking my first dose, I found that I was free of auras and my energy was back until the evening.

Outcome Over Time?

  • Day #3: I had one seizure, but it was far milder than usual.
  • Day #7: I had one seizure, but it was even milder than the one on day #3
  • 21 days later (time of writing): No actual seizures have taken place. However, simple focal seizures visited twice! 
  • 3 months. no further changes.
  • 4th month forward (after getting the dosage high), I have not had simple focal seizures any more. (still few days only since I wrote this)

Simple Focal Seizures

October 2019

I am writing about this as this used to take place in the first three months. Starting October, I no longer have simple focal seizures (been only a week since then, at the time I wrote this)

  • They last less than 60 seconds. During those 60 seconds, I am able to speak, think, find words and walk with confidence (reminds me of the days before surgery). 
  • During those times, I found that I can read but that it is slower than usual. Before CBD, none of the above was possible for me. I typically experience simple focal seizures twice a day when they occur more frequently, while other times it may only be once every three days.

Final Verdict on CBD

CBD is progressively making a significant improvement in my case!

I still believe something else is behind the seizures because I did not experience them at that frequency five years ago, and my MRI shows that my brain is still where it was in 2010. No progression (and that got even proven further with the recent SPECT Scan)

Next, I want to begin focusing on reducing my Trileptal intake. I have found that there are many different professional opinions on how to begin reducing its use. Some have mentioned wanting to wait an additional month before starting a plan to reduce my intake, while others believe that I should begin the process now. I can share more details about their advice and reasoning upon request.

Interesting Findings!

It’s clear that my mental clarity improves around 6 PM each day.

  • This is the time both Trileptal and CBD are depleting from the body. My theory is that it is the depletion of Trileptal brings me further mental clarity, while CBD is not responsible for anything beyond controlling seizures.
    • Accordingly, I’m thinking it’s about time to reduce Trileptal from the body gradually (e.g. reduce morning dosage to 300 mg or 450 mg)

Another interesting fact is that the C-Reactive Protein, High Sensitivity went down from 2.4 mg/L to 0.96 mg/L in four weeks! Could it be CBD?

I’ll surely keep updating you here as I progress forward.

Update: Changing Dosage & Company

August 2020

So, it has been a year. Plenty of progress! Most importantly, is that I quit Trileptal and that I have spoken to new experts in cannabinoid who had an opinion to go up with my dosage! So, I listend!

here’s the new brand I switched to, and the bottle information

  • Offers all therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant through entourage effect, without the need to consume THC
  • Contain a range of Cannabinoids, except for THC
  • End product contains terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids offering additional benefit
  • Goes through less processing than isolate


Starting 1/2020, I changed the dosage to a much higher one.

I now take 1.25 ML, twice a day. This is far higher dosage than I used to take back in 2019


The truth is, seizures are still where I left them back in August 2019. Mild seizures are still taking place between 3 to 7 times a week. Sometimes even twice a day.

I am tried through the day, and I am wondering if my brain challenges (memory, reading) are related to the fact that my EEG are still not clean!

Update: Changing Dosage Again

Feb, 2021

I have met Dr. Antonio Russi (Neurologist, Epileptologist, 49 years of experience).  

He was happy to see that I am using CBD, but his proposal for the dosage is that the current dose is too small.

He thinks that 1.3mg is too low for my weight! The doctor did the math, and accordingly he stated that I need to reach 3mg (more than double of the amount I am currently taking).   

The doctor then shared with me how I can increase this on the following 5 weeks (gradually increase CBD dose)

I decided to start doing that but only after I get my next set of CBDs so I can make sure I don’t increase the dose and then run out of CBD.