Practitioners I Worked With

I have seen many fine healthcare professionals, with many different specialties

The list below is half of those that I believe are relevant to my case and are worth sharing as they have spent time and effort helping me throughout the years.

I have worked a great deal with Dr. Flannery, and have discovered with him plenty of health challenges that needed to be nailed in sequence. I heard about him during one of the training sessions at Dr. Kharrazian Institute. 

Dr. Datis Kharrazian, PhD, DHSc, DC, MS, MMSc, FACN

One of the finest people, researchers and doctors I’ve met. I have not yet been a patient working with Dr. Datis. I have been learning from him in as many ways as possible.

Michelle Gerencser, MS

Michelle is an excellent consultant in handling cancer cases, and especially brain cancer, chemo, radio surgery and symptoms around them . She’s has worked on educating me on the link between diet and disease, and how when possible supplements can resolve disease when linked to blood work. 

Met him first on a phone called followed by a meeting in person at Amen Clinic on 9/2019. Dr. Sandlin Lowe is a Neuropsychiatrist and expert in Translational Clinical Neuroscience and Therapeutics.


Dr. David Musnick, MD

David Musnick, MD has been in Private Practice in Bellevue since 2003 and was in practice in Seattle prior to his Bellevue practice.  Dr Musnick is constantly learning, teaching, writing and keeping up in his fields. Please  see details below.

I will write soon about his protocol given to me soonest

He is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who graduated, with recognition and awards for academic excellence, from the accredited Canadian.   He showed me how Mycotox is critical and how to deal with it.  It is still work in progress.

An excellent doctor that I met in person where he explained to me how the DNA readings can say things that blood work may fail to say. I’ve learned plenty from him, but I am yet to see positive outcomes

I have met with the doctor to take his protocol for the Vielight device usage protocol in order to hopefully heal left temporally lobe area and enhance my memory.

Dr. Nasha Winters. ND, FABNO

Dr. Nasha masters the Metabolic approach to cancer. As a cancer patient of her, I was advised to follow great protocols that are in line with what I’ve learned from Michelle Gerencser. A noticeable approach was that she asked me to consider Hyperbaric-Oxygen-Therapy.

He is one of the finest and well-educated Radiologists doctor who extended his experience and knowledge into the brain area to help treat patients with challenges. He read my MRIs and SPECT Scans several times in the last two years.

Dr. Trevor Berry

Dr. Berry spends hundreds of hours every year traveling to conferences, reading peer-reviewed literature and research to stay at the cutting edge of diagnostic and treatment parameters. Specializes in neurological fields such as vestibular and balance disorders, traumatic brain injury, pain management.

Dr. David Traster

I met Dr. David in Jan 2019, when I was seeking ways to enhance my brain functions. He made find assessments that I had not seen before. Today, he’s trains doctors on his great practice in brain rehabilitation.

Dr. Frank E. Patterson

He works for InnovaBrain, and I had spent quite some time to find someone with his specialty focusing on patients that I felt I was one of them. Very methodical and will share his knowledge with you without asking! He gave me the most comprehensive report for my case after two day of assessment.

Jama Lambert

Vice President, Education at Cyrex Lab. A very knowledgeable and very cooperative professional who helped me understand my own readings at Cyrex Lab for many blood work that I did at Cyrex Lab. I first met her in 2019 during Neuroinflammation training session that was conducted at Dr. Datis Kharazian’s Institute!

Dr. William Pawluk

I had two conference calls, where he tought me what PEMF could potentially do for my case. I learned a lot, and he helped me make a decision on which devices of PEMF I should be trying and I did.

Dr. Beverly H. Kune, ND, LPCC, LMT

Owner of Healing from the Inside Out. We first met at the Neuroinflammation training session at Dr. Datis Kharazian back in 6/2019. I am yet to have met someone who is an excellent listener,

Barry Sterman, MD.

Barry Sterman, PhD. was a sleep researcher who stumbled upon the miracle of neurofeedback during one of his experiments involving cats back in 1965.  

Dr. Mike Alden

An excellent Chiropractor who dedicated an great part of his life learning further to extend his practice to new areas. He specializes in helping patients suffering with Autoimmune Neuro-Metabolic disorders, and working with patients with concussions. 

Dr. Jeff Hergenrather

Worked with the doctor on finding over the phone to understand my best options to control seizures with CBD. I could not follow his protocol, however.

Linda Clark, MS

I met her during one of the training sessions at Kharrazian’s institutes. She was a giver, and showed me potential roads for healing. She helped my wife as a case too.

Dr. Julian Bragg

A kind doctor. I met the doctor in person seeking to see if there are any “new” options out there for seizure control.

Alison Gannett

Alison Gannett was diagnosed with terminal malignant brain cancer. She has worked on her own case and now with other clients by giving them a customized oncology nutrition. 

Dr. Kamran Fallahpour, Ph.D.

I worked with Dr. Fallahpour in New York for few days, together with my wife. I had many assessments followed by customized Neurofeedback treatment. We worked for months afterwards seeking healing without nailing seizures down!

I first heard about this by Dr. Lowe when I did my SPECT Scan. I spoke then to two fine doctors and I felt that I do not have the case. I shared here what the doctors think about my case

Allan Frankel, MD.

Family Medicine Physicians & Medical Cannabis Specialists. I worked with him on the CBD treatment plan/protocol in 2019, hoping to reduce Trileptal (which took place beginning of 2020).