Neurologists Opinion

Handling Seizures

Worked with doctors in Jordan and the United States.  Their recommendations/trials were on Trileptal (for long years) but I stopped back in 2019.  Before that, I tried Lamictal and Keppra and they failed.  On several years, I’ve tried Neurofeedback too without success. 

Seizures and auras are not yet controlled.    

I will share with you some major symptoms over the last 20 years. Majority of the issue over long years were seizures and memory​

Given that I am trying to manage my seizures, I have done EEGs and qEEGs several times and the outcome says that I am still unable to fully control the electricity outcome from the EEG.

Cannabidiol (CBD): Imperfect But Are Best

I have worked with three different people who specializes in CBD.  With long months, I discovered that the numbers must be much higher than I first heard.   

It is helping but still I am not 100% out of seizures/auras 

These are drug interactions discovered late during my journey and all of them were caused by me taking Trileptal throughout the years