Treatments Programs

Treatments Programs

I work with several practitioners over the years, and recently I am working with Dr. Flannery, Michelle Gerencser, MS, and Aviad Elgez, ND.  

The first healing track was diets back in 2012.

At first, it was about beating cancer. Then, I discovered many issues which required different diets to treat different diseases/infections from SIBO to Leaky Gut amongst many others.

I’ve spoken to Dr. Pawluk to hear possibilities. I ended up with one Low-frequency PEMF named FlexPulse and one High-intensity named PEMF-120

I have recently decided to go for Ketogenic diet and get into HBOT. I did 12 sessions and then stopped for the financial burden, and I started Nov 16th, 2020 with Ketogenic Diet.

Neurofeedback It was one of the first tools that I was excited to use, and I first visited Dr. Barry Sterman years ago. After that I met multiple doctors with different protocols, and at the end I ended buying my own device. So far, no positive outcome showed on my case.

Low Level Laser Therapy

I have met Dr. Trevor Berry and I purchased the device, and he explained to me the protocol and how to use the LLLT. I felt so excited about the possibilities, despite the fact that it didn’t work in the first two months after I put it on hold.

I got excited when I first heard from Dr. Harrison Salisbury aboutu what the tool can do. Then consulted with Dr. Marvin to follow his protocol.

When I first started studying about nutrition, I learned about SIBO and got excited and made a test to find myself a SIBO patient. I then healed in three months following a protocol.